£10,000 Main Prize with £75,000 of Instant Wins

Guaranteed Draw : Mon 1st April @ 8pm

This competition is about to be drawn live / has been drawn live on our Facebook page. Please check the winners page for all details, including the live draw video and public record of the entries.

£10,000 Main Prize with £75,000 of Instant Wins

Main Prize : £10,000

Everyone will be entered into this, regardless of if you win any instant wins! Live Draw on Mon 1st April @ 8pm

+300 Instant Wins (See Table Below)

Ticket numbers are allocated randomly to every order.

If your order hits any of the instant wins below, you will receive an email with all the information you need to claim your prize. The list below is automatically updated in real time.

Cash alternatives available on all physical prizes ( please reply to instant win email )

Ticket Prize Winner
99Lego Hary Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043Conor Green
266£100Chloe Atkins
433£50Daniel Price
600£1,000Phil Bell
767Bambu Lab P1S 3D Printer with AMSGrigorios Anastasiadis
934£100Sam Ainsworth
1101£700Emma Jayne
1268£100Trent Asket
14352023 Apple MacBook Air M2Macauley Barclay
1602£600Terry Markle
1769£100Tracy Lindsay
1936PAMP 10G Gold Bar Mintedrichard plumb
2103Ninja Foodi Slow CookerSimon Smith
2270£500Zoe Kuhn
2437£250Philip Kielthy
2604£50Adam Dorken
2771£100Alex Cooper
2938£400Artur Rembisz is
3105£100Daniel Carter
3272LG 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TVMichelle Clayton
3439£250Samantha Deakin
3606£100Julia Strathearn
3773£500Trent Asket
3940LG 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD TVBen Walton
4107£250Adam Spinks
4274£500Scott Beck
4441£100Zoe Kuhn
4608Ninja Ice Cream MakerCraig Todd
4775£500Emma Jedrek
4942£100Grigorios Anastasiadis
5109£50Michelle Clayton
5276£50richard plumb
5443£250Scott White
5610£50Chloe Atkins
5777Lego Hary Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043Kieron Taylor
5944£100Anna Grimaldi
6111£50Neil Swatheridge
6278£100Sarah Kendrick-Webb
6445£50Chloe Atkins
6612Lego Star Wars AT-AT UCSScott White
6779£50Nicholas roberts
6946£50Daniel Price
7113Milwaukee M18 4 Piece Power Tools KitStuart Quinn
7280£50James Plows
7447£500Sain Vincenzo
7614£100Georgia Grainger
7781Ninja Foodi Slow CookerAndrew Putz
7948£50Andrew Carr
8115LG 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TVChloe Atkins
8282£100Conor Green
8449£50Amy Blanchett
8616Milwaukee M18 4 Piece Power Tools KitAdam Spinks
8783£100Sarah Poulton
8950£100Scott White
9117£500Emily Tucker
9284£100shannon Phillips
9451£100Conor Green
9618£100Dan House
9785£250Amy Weeks
9952PS5 Slim or Xbox Series XIan Maclure
10119£100Andrew Carr
10286Nintendo Switch OLEDAlex Goedhals
10453£50Natalie Coakley-Bates
10620£50Foteini Siomou
10787£100Penny Bown
10954£50Sarah Kendrick-Webb
11121Meta Quest 3 128GBMichelle Clayton
11288£100Sian Harmer
11455£100Benjamin Kidd
11622£100Harry Gudgin
11789Lego Millennium Falcon UCSRichard Burditt
11956£250Daniel Price
12123£500Scott Beck
12290£50Kimberley McDonald
12457£100Andrew Carr
12624Lego Hary Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043Aaron Bennett
12791£100Chris Carr
12958PS5 Slim or Xbox Series XMichelle Clayton
13125£100Trent Asket
13292£50kevin broadley
13459£100Emily Tucker
13793£100Chloe Atkins
13960£50Terri Self
14127Ninja Ice Cream MakerCharlotte Cleary
14294£100Dain Sears
14461£100James Galbraith
14628£250 Site CreditIan Maclure
147952023 Apple MacBook Air M2John Tarry
14962Meta Quest 3 128GBAdam Spinks
15129£100Kenneth Mackay
15296Milwaukee M18 4 Piece Power Tools KitHaydon Newport
15463£100Sebastian Vallance
15630£100Victoria Hardy
15797£600Emma Jayne
15964£50Hayley Fewtrell
16131£250 Site CreditScott Beck
16298£100Scott White
16465£100Chloe Atkins
16632£50Tracy Lindsay
16799£50Abby Perrett
16966£100Sain Vincenzo
17133Ninja Ice Cream MakerLauren Horton
17300Ninja Ice Cream MakerChloe Atkins
17467PAMP 10G Gold Bar MintedConor Green
17634£100Daniel Carter
17801PAMP 10G Gold Bar MintedAndrew Carr
17968£500Craig Todd
18135£100Kenneth Mackay
18302£100Mandy Short
18469£100Kenneth Mackay
18636£500Andrew Carr
18803£50Conor Green
18970£50Ellie Hayward
191372023 Apple MacBook Air M2Chloe Atkins
19304£50Grigorios Anastasiadis
19471£50Daniel Price
19638£100Andrew Carr
19805£100Terry Markle
19972Nintendo Switch OLEDTracy Lindsay
20139£700Kenneth Mackay
20306£100Elliot Thornton-Smith
20473£250Adrian Prestwich
20640£600James Seaman
20807£600Kieron Taylor
20974£50Kieran Bell
21141GoPro HERO 12 BlackPhil Bell
21308£100Sofiya Kaan
21475PAMP 10G Gold Bar MintedSteven Tuckett
21642£50Simon Smith
21809Meta Quest 3 128GBKenneth Mackay
21976£50Nicholas roberts
22143£700Hayley Fewtrell
22310£100Sain Vincenzo
22477GoPro HERO 12 BlackIan Maclure
22644£50Tracy Lindsay
22811£1,000Phil Bell
22978£100Chloe Atkins
23145£100Ben Walton
23312£100Ahmed Elkamel
23479£50Daniel Price
23646£600Terry Markle
23813£600Simon Smith
23980£50Jordan Cook
24147£100Derek Long
24314£50Gail Wilson
24481£100James Plows
24648£50Zoe Kuhn
24815£50Luke West
24982£100Steve Short
25149PAMP 10G Gold Bar MintedDaniel Carter
25316£50James Plows
25483£100Raja Wolstenholme
25650£250 Site CreditAbby Perrett
25984£100Nicholas roberts
26151Ninja Foodi Slow CookerCarole Baker
26318£700Alex Goedhals
26485£50Kenneth Mackay
26652£100Scott White
26819Valve Steam Deck OLED 1TBTerry Markle
26986£500carole oliver
27153£100Neil Swatheridge
27320£1,000Steve Short
27487£100Emma Rider
27654£1,000Kevin Daniels
278212023 Apple MacBook Air M2Emma Jedrek
27988£100Emma Jayne
28155£50Zoe Kuhn
28322£100Daniel Carter
28489Bambu Lab P1S 3D Printer with AMSrichard plumb
28656Ninja Foodi Slow CookerFreya Heath
28823£500Ben Walton
28990£250David Dempsey
29157£1,000Emma Jayne
29324£100Chris Carr
29491£100Matthew Bailey
29658£50Craig Todd
29825£100Simon Smith
30159£500georgia woolford
30326£50Emma Jayne
30493£100Jordan Cook
30660£500Adam Spinks
30827£50Sain Vincenzo
30994Meta Quest 3 128GBCraig Todd
31328£50Richard Burditt
31495£50Maria Da Costa Leitao
31662£50Dillon Willis
31829£50Maria Da Costa Leitao
31996Valve Steam Deck OLED 1TBToni Goral
32163£500Conor Green
32330£50Timothy Brown
32497Milwaukee M18 4 Piece Power Tools KitHannah Fulbrook
32664£50Everlyn Saunders
32831£50Shane Coffey
32998£100Ian Maclure
33165£500Sarah Charlesworth
33332£100Kenneth Mackay
33499£100Emma Jayne
33666LG 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD TVrichard plumb
33833£50Phil Bell
34000PS5 Slim or Xbox Series XMarc Osbourne
34334Nintendo Switch OLEDSain Vincenzo
34501LG 55 Inch 4K Ultra HD TVAdam Spinks
34668PS5 Slim or Xbox Series XAlbert Thomson
34835£50Terry Markle
35002£50Ian Maclure
35169£50richard plumb
35336£50Conor Green
35503£100Kevin Daniels
35670£100Zak Tanswell
35837Lego Venator Republic Attack CruiserAndrew Putz
36004£100Chris Carr
36171£50Chris Carr
36338£50Daniel Ekins
36505£100Antony Devlin
36672GoPro HERO 12 BlackMandy Short
36839£50James Galbraith
37006£700Zoe Kuhn
37173£100Sam Gillespie
37340£50Trent Asket
37507£100Shane Coffey
37841£50Sarah Kendrick-Webb
38008£100Tom Hardy
38175£100Uriah Wilkie-Harvey
38509£100Terry Markle
38676£50Robert Boreland
38843£100Trent Asket
39010£50Shawn Loop
39177£100Emily Tucker
39344Nintendo Switch OLEDRobert Boreland
39511£100Craig Todd
39678Lego Venator Republic Attack CruiserBen Kidd
39845£600Adam Howie
40179£600Zoe Kuhn
40346GoPro HERO 12 BlackChloe Atkins
40513£500Terry Markle
40680£100Daniel Carter
40847PS5 Slim or Xbox Series XGrigorios Anastasiadis
41014£50Amer Rashid
41181£500Ian Maclure
41348£100Michelle Clayton
41515£100James Redfern
41682£100Grigorios Anastasiadis
41849£100Emma Jayne
42016Meta Quest 3 128GBSarah Poulton
42183£50Amy Blanchett
42350£50Andrew Putz
42517£50Elliot Thornton-Smith
42684£50Grigorios Anastasiadis
42851£100Michelle Clayton
43018£100Samantha Sharples
43185Lego Millennium Falcon UCSHarry Bourdice
43352Nintendo Switch OLEDSain Vincenzo
43519£50Andrew Putz
43686£250Michelle Clayton
43853£50Zoe Kuhn
44020£100Phil Bell
44187£50Everlyn Saunders
44354£100Mark Ellis
44521£100Daniel Price
44688Valve Steam Deck OLED 1TBZoe Kuhn
44855Ninja Foodi Slow CookerAndrew Carr
45022£500Zoe Kuhn
45189£500Zoe Kuhn
45356Ninja Ice Cream MakerNatalie Newsome
45690Valve Steam Deck OLED 1TBKaren Bath
45857£100Lauren Horton
46024£250 Site CreditAndrew Carr
46191£250Trent Asket
46358Lego Star Wars AT-AT UCSMichelle Clayton
46525£100Grigorios Anastasiadis
46692£50Simon Smith
46859£50Andrew Putz
47026£250 Site CreditGrigorios Anastasiadis
47193£100Matthew Wright
47360£50James Grant
47527£100Alex Goedhals
47694£250Sarah Poulton
47861£50richard plumb
48028£50Aaron Bennett
48195£50Chris Carr
48529£100Terry Markle
48696£50Cathlene Griffin
48863LG 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD TVTerry Markle
49030£250Jamie Halsall
49197£250Lynda Rowe
49364£500Andrew Carr
49531£250 Site CreditSarah Poulton
49698£1,000Katie Riley
49865£100Michelle Clayton
49913Bambu Lab P1S 3D Printer with AMSAndrew Carr

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