Tech Bundle (or £3k) with £25,000 of Instant Wins

Guaranteed Draw : Thurs 21st Dec @ 8pm

This competition is about to be drawn live / has been drawn live on our Facebook page. Please check the winners page for all details, including the live draw video and public record of the entries.

Tech Bundle (or £3k) with £25,000 of Instant Wins

Main Prize : Tech Bundle OR £3,000

  • 65″ Sony Bravia (2023) LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart Google TV ( Model: KD65X75WL )
  • PS5 Slim Line Disc Edition + Controller
  • ASUS VivoBook 15 15.6″ Laptop – Intel® Core™ i7, 8gb RAM, 512 GB SSD ( Model: ASUS X1504ZA-NJ105W )
  • Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler and dryer Complete Long in Onyx Black and Gold
  • BOSE Home Speaker 500 with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
  • DYSON Omni-Glide™ Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • APPLE 10.9″ iPad (2022) – 64 GB, Blue
  • Nintendo Switch Lite


Everyone will be entered into this, regardless of if you win any instant wins! Live Draw on Thurs 21st Dec @ 8pm

+140 Instant Wins (See Table Below)

Ticket numbers are allocated randomly to every order.

If your order hits any of the instant wins below, you will receive an email with all the information you need to claim your prize. The list below is automatically updated in real time.

Ticket Prize Winner
1£50Sarah Poulton
147£400Fiona Alves
293£600Jordan Catterall
439£100Jordan Catterall
585£50Stacey Lee
731£500Keith Williams
877100 Tickets Into £60k Instant WinScott White
1023£100Jason St Clair
1169£100Daniel Price
1315£100Stephanie Gunn
1461£150Jason St Clair
1607£600Scott White
1753£150Kelly Whitmore
1899100 Tickets Into £60k Instant WinAntony Devlin
2045£50Scott Williamson
2191£100Wayne Banks
2337£250Sarah Charlesworth
2483£100Scott White
2629£600Jordan Catterall
2775£400Gary Bennett
2921£100Simon Smith
3067£150Tracy Lindsay
3213£50Dario Giampa
3359£50Ian Maclure
3505£500John Tarry
3651£50John Tarry
3797£150Stacey Lee
3943£600Daniel Derbisz
4089£150Daniel Cattermole
4235£100Arran Polhill-Astbury
4673£100Christian Cope
4819£500Alex Goedhals
4965£250Antony Devlin
5111£100Amer Rashid
5257£100Helen Haddon
5403£100Joshua Goldingay
5549£100Jordan Catterall
5695£400Matthew Baron
5841£50Jordan-Emma Oliver
5987£50Raja Tabariq Hussain
6133£100Sarah Poulton
6279£50Michael Cowdrey
6425£50Jordan Catterall
6571£500John Tarry
6863£50Emma Rider
7009100 Tickets Into £60k Instant WinArran Polhill-Astbury
7155£150Antony Devlin
7301£100Dario Giampa
7447£100Jordan Catterall
7739£100Millie Glover
7885£500Paul Tempest
8031£150Rhys Thompson
8177£150Ian Maclure
8469£50Jordan Catterall
8907£400Dario Giampa
9053£100Rebecca Ballard
9199100 Tickets Into £60k Instant WinKlaudiusz Ciesielski
9345£50Michael Cowdrey
9491£50Stephen Williams
9637£100Antony Devlin
9783£50Dario Giampa
10075£100Antony Devlin
10221£100Alex Goedhals
10367£100John Moore
10513£50Liam Turner
10659£150Jordan Catterall
10805£100Andrew Carr
10951£600Sarah Poulton
11097£50Christopher Wall
11243£500Luke Moore
11389£100Stuart Lear
11681£150Salvatore Cataldo
11827£50Stuart Lear
11973£500David Phillips
12119£100Antony Devlin
12265£100Tamas Meder
12411100 Tickets Into £60k Instant WinDavid Phillips
12557£150Dario Giampa
12703£150Jordan Cook
12849£100Marie Rackham
13141£250Andrew Smith
13287£100Zsolt Nagy
13433£50David Phillips
13579£50Michael Cowdrey
13725£250Fiona Alves
13871£150ian baker
14017£100Peter Kinder
14163£100Arran Polhill-Astbury
14455£50Steve Short
14601£50Andrew Carr
14893£400Scott White
15039£150John Tarry
15185£250Rebecca Ballard
15331£50Dario Giampa
15477£250Tim Hancock
15623£50Jordan Catterall
15915£100Stuart Lear
16061£100Jordan Cook
16207£50Dario Giampa
16353£100Stuart Lear
16499£50Jordan Catterall
16791£100Daniel Price
16937£100David Phillips
17083£100Sorrell Madeley-Meergans
17229£600Rebecca Ballard
17375£150Martin corbett
17521£50Antony Devlin
17667£50Scott White
17813£50Josh Roberts
17959£150Raja Tabariq Hussain
18105£500Richard Moloney
18543£50Daniel Ekins
18689£150Luke Moore
18835£250Macauley Barclay
18981£50David Phillips
19127£150Zoe Kuhn
19273£400Michael Cowdrey
19419£50David Phillips
19565£50Simon Hack
19711£400Millie Glover
19857£50David Phillips
19888£50Scott White
19911£50Sarah Poulton

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