Numark Mixstream Pro Standalone DJ Controller

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Numark Mixstream Pro Standalone DJ Controller

Stream music wirelessly via built-in WiFi

Unlike conventional DJ controllers, the Mixstream Pro features built-in WiFi connectivity allowing you to stream music from online streaming services such as Tidal, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK and Soundcloud Go. Got a request? No problem, you can simply search for the song from any of the compatible streaming services and incorporate it into your set. You can also sync your music library via Dropbox so you have full access to your song collection. The streaming feature is perfect for last-minute changes and curating playlists on the fly.

Not only that, but the Mixstream Pro also features connections for physical media including two USB inputs and an SD Card slot. You can export your entire music library of playlist to a USB drive or SD card using the Engine DJ desktop software.

The first DJ controller with monitor speakers

No speakers? No problem. The Mixstream Pro is the first standalone DJ controller to incorporate premium-quality speakers for private monitoring. The speakers feature a dedicated volume control – perfect for practicing and monitoring in low-level environments. The speakers feature custom-tuned drivers which provide powerful and rich sound reproduction.

High-definition touch screen and touch-sensitive scratch wheels

At the heart of the Mixstream Pro is a crisp touchscreen display which allows you to interact with music, navigate between songs and toggle settings on the fly. Scratch and mix with confidence and precision with the six-inch touch-capacitive platters. You can switch between ‘Scratch’ and ‘Normal’ modes which adjusts the feel of the scratch wheels, for a truly authentic feel. One of the most unique features of the scratch wheels is the ‘Smart Scratch’ mode. The Smart Scratch feature ensures the music stays on beat after scratching is added to the mix.

Advanced EQ/FX section and dual-layer performance pads

Creating powerful transitions and memorable mixes has never been so easy. Combining the powerful onboard effects and the 3-band EQ, you can easily create massive transitions at the touch of a few buttons. The FX section is comprised of four different effects including Echo, Flanger, Delay and Phaser.

Used in conjunction with the 3-band EQ, you can blend between high, mid and low frequencies on either side of the deck to create seamless blends and dramatic mixes. Also included are eight dual-layer performance pads comprised of four varied pad modes: Cue, Saved Loop, Auto Loop, Roll. Large filter knobs provide hands-on control over the low/high frequencies for added flexibility. The possibilities are endless when combining elements of the pads, EQ, filtering and FX section.

Control lighting via Phillips Hue and DMX formats

Completing the ultimate DJ experience, the controller gives you the ability to create beat-synchronised light shows using the onboard touchscreen. Utilising the integrated Engine Lighting design, the Mixstream Pro can control strobing and colour overrides as well as BPM matched lighting. Using the SoundSwitch desktop software you can analyse your music library beforehand, providing full control of DMX lighting via the 7-inch touchscreen.

  • Stream and import music wirelessly via built-in WiFi
  • Support for TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, SoundCloud GO+ and Dropbox
  • Enjoy computer-free DJ’ing with the onboard Engine DJ operating system
  • Monitor your sound via built-in speakers with volume control
  • Engine Lighting embedded lighting control for Philips Hue smart home and DMX lighting
  • USB and SD Card inputs for DJ’ing using external media
  • 7-inch multi-gesture high-definition touchscreen
  • 6-inch capacitive-touch scratch wheels with Smart Scratch feature for on-beat scratching
  • Four dual-layer performance pads on each deck
  • Four performance mode pads on each deck (Cue, Saved Loop, Auto Loop, Roll)
  • FX section with four varied effects and two toggle switches
  • Blend between high/low frequencies using the large filter knob on each deck
  • Pitch Bend buttons and dedicated Pitch Slider with selectable ranges
  • Dedicated Sync, Cue/Stop, and Play/Pause buttons
  • Three-band EQ on each deck
  • Balanced XLR and RCA outputs and 1/4” microphone input

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