Gaming Bundle (or £2.5k) with £22,500 of Instant Wins

Guaranteed Draw : Thurs 18th Jan @ 8pm

This competition is about to be drawn live / has been drawn live on our Facebook page. Please check the winners page for all details, including the live draw video and public record of the entries.

Gaming Bundle (or £2.5k) with £22,500 of Instant Wins

Main Prize : Gaming Bundle OR £2,500

  • 65″ Sony Bravia (2023) LED 4K TV ( Model: KD65X75WL )
  • PS5 Slim Disc Edition + Controller
  • Meta Quest 3 VR Headset 128gb
  • AtGames Legends Ultimate Mini Arcade Machine ( 150 games included )
  • Arcade1Up Pac-Man Partycade Machine ( 5 games included )


Everyone will be entered into this, regardless of if you win any instant wins! Live Draw on Thurs 18th Jan @ 8pm

+140 Instant Wins (See Table Below)

Ticket numbers are allocated randomly to every order.

If your order hits any of the instant wins below, you will receive an email with all the information you need to claim your prize. The list below is automatically updated in real time.

Ticket Prize Winner
228£500Emma Jones
357200 Tickets into £60k Instant Win
486£50James Carroll
615£600Lee Timmis
873£200Emma Jayne
1002£100Terry Basham
1131£100Jake Masters
1260£50Jake Masters
1389£100Alan Carter
1518£50Tracey Warne
1647£500Emma Wilkins
1776100 Tickets into £60k Instant WinSteve Short
1905£50Jason St Clair
2034£50Katie Swinbourne
2163£50Zsolt Nagy
2421£400Ben Theaker
2550£50Sarah Griffiths
2679£50Tracey Warne
2808£600Richard Moloney
2937£50Daniel Derbisz
3066£50Charles Black
3195£50Emma Wilkins
3324£600Charles Black
3453£50Tracey Warne
3582£50Tracey Warne
3711£50Charles Black
3840£100David Beesley
3969£50Emma Jayne
4098£150Macauley Barclay
4227£50Tracey Warne
4356£150Jim Cairney
4485£50Katya Mitchell
4614£600Phil Heron
4743£50Sarah Hardman
4872£50Craig Todd
5001£500Kaya Demir
5130£100Mohammed Hanif Miah
5259£200Emma Jayne
5388£50Lee Timmis
5517£100John Tarry
5646£50Simon Horsfield
5775£50Scott White
5904£200Heather Pritchard
6033£100Philip Kielthy
6162£50Sarah Kendrick-Webb
6291£100Antony Devlin
6420£500Kaya Demir
6549£100Thomas Langley
6678100 Tickets into £60k Instant WinJordan Catterall
6807£50Zsolt Nagy
6936£200Jordan Catterall
7065£50Suzanne Ferguson
7194£50Lewis Raishbrook
7323200 Tickets into £60k Instant WinJordan Catterall
7452£100Jordan Cook
7581£100Julie Nicholson
7710£100Matt Busby
7839£50William Arkesden
796850 Tickets into £60k Instant WinDaniel Price
8097£100Scott White
8226£50John Tarry
8355£100Jordan Catterall
8484£100Jordan Catterall
8613£50Tracey Warne
8742£150Peter Kinder
8871£50Erin Lyons
9000£150Emma Jayne
9129£200Liam Dobson
9258£50Daniel Derbisz
9387£600Charles Black
951650 Tickets into £60k Instant WinTracy Shaw
9645£100Jordan Cook
9774£150Jordan Catterall
9903£50Emma Jayne
10032£100Katya Mitchell
10161£100John Tarry
10290£400Macauley Barclay
10419£50Lee Timmis
10548£50Jake Masters
10677£500Emily Fletcher
10806£50Steve Short
10935£400Ben Pinion
11064£50Christopher Legg
11193£50Caitlin Lanigan
11322£200Sarah Kendrick-Webb
11451£200Emma Jones
11580£50Stephen Marshall
11709£50Chelsea Wright
11838£500Charles Black
11967£50John Tarry
12096£50Sandra Beesley
12225£100Simon Smith
12354£500Tracy Shaw
12483£100Steven Thomson
12612£100Craig Todd
12741£500Simon Smith
12870£500Jordan Catterall
12999£50Charles Black
13128£50Lee Timmis
13257£500Richard Smith
13386£50Simon Smith
13515£50Terry Basham
13644£100Richard Moloney
13773£50Zoe Kuhn
13902£100Shawn Loop
14031£50Simon Smith
14160£500Kaya Demir
14289£50Jordan Catterall
14418£100Milena Palicka
14547£50Lee Timmis
14676£400Tracy Shaw
14805£50Kaya Demir
14934£50Tracey Warne
15063£100Jordan Catterall
15192£200James Fasham
15321£50Katya Mitchell
15450£50Wayne Carr
15579£50Darren Barnfield
15708£150Mohuddin Patel
15837£100Emma Jones
15966£500Antony Devlin
16095£50Paul O Connor
16224£200Tracey Warne
16353£50Charles Black
16482£50Emma Jayne
16611£100Daniel Price
16740£500Steve Short
16869£50Mohammed Hanif Miah
16998£400Daniel Derbisz
17127£150Emma Jayne
17256£50Daniel Derbisz
17385£50Kaya Demir
17514£50Mohuddin Patel
17643£150Simon Smith
17772£50Jordan Catterall
17901£50Simon Smith
17993£50John Tarry

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