£10,000 Main Prize with £75,000 of Instant Wins

Guaranteed Draw : Mon 3rd June @ 8pm

This competition is about to be drawn live / has been drawn live on our Facebook page. Please check the winners page for all details, including the live draw video and public record of the entries.

£10,000 Main Prize with £75,000 of Instant Wins

Main Prize : £10,000

Everyone will be entered into this, regardless of if you win any instant wins! Live Draw on Mon 3rd June @ 8pm

+300 Instant Wins (See Table Below)

Ticket numbers are allocated randomly by the system to every order.

If your order hits any of the instant wins below, you will receive an email with all the information you need to claim your prize. The list below is automatically updated in real time.

Cash alternatives available on ALL physical prizes in this competition. Please reply to the instant win email notification.

Ticket Prize Winner
96Dyson Airstrait StraightenersAmer Rashid
263DJI Mini 4 Pro with RC 2
430£100Zoe Kuhn
597Marshall Major V HeadphonesMatthew Sparling
764£100Craig Todd
931£500Robbie Byatte
1098£50Adam Bridge
1265PerfectDraft Pro & KegCassandra Marshall
1432£100Matthew Walker
1599£100Kristian Cuffe OMalley
1766£1,000Daniel Price
1933Kids Inflatable Bouncy Castle & Water SlideChloe Atkins
2100£200Ian Maclure
2267£100Lorraine Devlin
2434Samsung 55 inch Q60C QLED 4K TVPaula Mansfield
27682024 Apple MacBook Air M3Craig Todd
2935£50Andrew Mills
32694 Seater Rattan Grey Modular Sofa SetLiam Haywood
3436£100Sally Harling
3603£100karen gniotek
3770Marshall Major V Headphones
3937£50Harry Bourdice
4271£50Matthew Torn
4438Charlotte Tilbury Heroes HamperPhoebe Robey
4605£50Matthew Torn
4772£50Philip Gadd
4939£100Charles Black
5106£200Chloe Atkins
5273Samsung 65 inch Q60C QLED 4K TVWilliam Bundey
5440£100Millie Glover
5607£700connor talbot
5941£50Damian Cank
6108£700Zoe Kuhn
6275£100Michael Moore
6442Karcher WV 6 Handheld Window VacuumKevin Daniels
6609£100James Macklin
6776£50Ben Pinion
7110Smeg Kettle & ToasterAntony Devlin
7277£100Grant Strachan
7444£500Kevin Daniels
7611Lay Z Spa Helsinki AirJet Hot TubDaniel Price
7778£50Christopher Mayhew
7945£50Scott Davies
8279Lego Marvel Avengers Tower 76269Adam Bridge
8446£700Adam Bridge
8613£50Richard Caughey
8780£50Noel Griffiths
8947£100Adam Bridge
9114£100Ian Maclure
9448Marshall Minor IV EarbudsWilliam Bundey
9615Samsung 55 inch Q60C QLED 4K TVScott White
9782£50Michelle Clayton
9949£50Ciaran McMenamin
10116£50Noel Griffiths
10283£500Michael Glover
10450£100Craig Todd
10617£100Antony Devlin
10784£50Nicholas Mileham
10951PerfectDraft Pro & KegRoss Mcewan
11285£50Antony Devlin
11452£100Hayley tucker
11619Samsung 65 inch Q60C QLED 4K TVRicky Gallagher
11786£100William Anderson
11953£500Craig Todd
12120DJI Mini 4 Pro with RC 2Liam Haywood
12287£100Scott Davies
12454£100Demi Hale
12621£500Scott White
12788£100Craig Todd
12955Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3 42143Robbie Byatte
13122£100Stuart Cairns
13456£100Charles Black
13623£500Antony Devlin
13790£100John Sherwood
13957Smeg Kettle & ToasterIan Maclure
14124£200Tracy Lindsay
14291£100Sally Harling
14458£700Ben Pinion
14625£100Amy Blanchett
14792£50Andrew Mills
14959Marshall Minor IV EarbudsSarah Poulton
15126£50Mark Silvester
15293£50Tracy Lindsay
15460£100Andrew Mills
15627£50Benjamin Kidd
15794Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum CleanerAngela Lennox
15961PerfectDraft Pro & KegTracy Lindsay
16128£100Millie Glover
16462£100Chloe Dubrava
16629Samsung 65 inch Q60C QLED 4K TVDavid Ball
16796£100Luke Stanley
16963£50Daniel Price
17297£100Matthew Carthy
17464Lego Marvel Avengers Tower 76269Danny Cheyne
17631£500Paula Mansfield
17798£200Graham Goodband
17965£200Helen Haddon
18132DJI Mini 4 Pro with RC 2Adam Bridge
18299£100Amy Blanchett
18466£100Philip Bennett
18800£50Matthew Sparling
18967£100Chloe Atkins
19134£100Ashley Trinder
19301£100Julie Nicholson
19468£500Alan Owen
19635£100Andrew Mills
19802Valve Steam Deck OLED 1TBMohammed Janfizal
20136£100Matt Stockhill
20303£100Chloe Atkins
20470£50Matt Stockhill
20637Karcher WV 6 Handheld Window VacuumCharlotte Marsh
20804Valve Steam Deck OLED 1TB
20971£50Robyn Maitland
21305£100Charles Black
21472£50Ricky Gallagher
21639DJI Mini 4 Pro with RC 2Zoe Kuhn
21806£100David Beesley
219734 Seater Rattan Grey Modular Sofa SetJonathan Wilkes
22140£50Darren Thompson
22307£100Ian Maclure
22474£100Jason thorpe
22641£700Matt Stockhill
22808£200Matthew Torn
22975£50Chloe Atkins
23309£50Steve Short
23643£50Alex Nelson
23810Nintendo Switch OLEDMartin Brigham
23977£100Michelle Clayton
24144£500Bradley Tate
24311Charlotte Tilbury Heroes HamperDaniel Price
24478PerfectDraft Pro & KegHannah Jedrek
24645£100Andrew Mills
24812£50Karen Wilkins
24979£100Martin Maddison
25146£100Julia Strathearn
253132024 Apple MacBook Air M3Toni Goral
25480Bambu Lab P1P 3D Printer
25647Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3 42143Dan House
26148£200Andrew Mills
26315Samsung 65 inch Q60C QLED 4K TVAngela Lennox
26482£700Alexandra Tarrant
26649Dyson Airstrait StraightenersDaniel Carter
26816£50Luke Rodwell
26983Bambu Lab P1P 3D PrinterRichard Caughey
27317£200Albert Thomson
27484£100Hannah Jedrek
27651£100Lauren Frankish
27818£1,000Daniel Price
27985£50Martin Maddison
28152Lay Z Spa Helsinki AirJet Hot TubAlexandra Tarrant
28319£100Michelle Clayton
28486£100Emma Jayne
28653Lay Z Spa Helsinki AirJet Hot TubScott White
28820£50Mitchell Doyle
29154Nintendo Switch OLED
29321£100Amey HICKIN
29488£50William Weaver
29655£200Tracy Lindsay
29822Marshall Minor IV EarbudsAndrew Boyett
29989£100Cymone Jackson
30156Kids Inflatable Bouncy Castle & Water SlideSteve Short
30323Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3 42143Keith Hooke
30490£50William Bundey
30657£100Liam Haywood
308244 Seater Rattan Grey Modular Sofa SetBen Todd
309912024 Apple MacBook Air M3Craig Steven
31158£50Matthew Sparling
31325£500Ian Maclure
31492£50William Bundey
31659£50Chris Carr
31993£500Terri Self
32160£700Scott Davies
32327£50Andrew Miles
32494Samsung 55 inch Q60C QLED 4K TVMatt Stockhill
32661£50Kevin Daniels
32828Karcher WV 6 Handheld Window Vacuum
32995Samsung 55 inch Q60C QLED 4K TVKaren Bath
33162£50Julia Strathearn
33329Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum CleanerPaul Campbell
33496£50Daniel Price
33663£100Alexandra Tarrant
33830Marshall Major V HeadphonesIan Maclure
34164£50Julie Nicholson
34331£100Elliot Thornton-Smith
34498£50Sarah Poulton
34665Bambu Lab P1P 3D PrinterGrigorios Anastasiadis
34832Lay Z Spa Helsinki AirJet Hot TubJames Tomlin
34999£50William Bundey
35166£100Kevin Daniels
35333£500Adam Bridge
35500£200Steve Short
356674 Seater Rattan Grey Modular Sofa SetDarren Thompson
35834Dyson Airstrait StraightenersJoshua Cox Cahill
36001£100Matt Stockhill
36168£200Chris Carr
36335£500Michelle Clayton
36502£100Ricky Gallagher
36669£50Charles Black
36836£500Lee Pritchard
37003£100Ian Stephens
37170£100Kevin Daniels
37337£50Sharon Baldwin
37504£200Helen Haddon
37671Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum CleanerGwen Harris
37838Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum CleanerToni Goral
38005£500David Ball
38172£100Ellen Close-McLean
38673£50Mandy Short
38840£1,000Angela Lennox
39007Lego Marvel Avengers Tower 76269Craig Todd
39174£100Chloe Atkins
39508£50Steve Webb
39675£50Julia Strathearn
39842£500Mark Silvester
40009£100Laura Staggs
40176£100Ashley Boulton
40343£100Tracy Lindsay
40510£100Ben Pinion
40677Lego Marvel Avengers Tower 76269Vicky Sargent
40844Smeg Kettle & Toaster
41178£50Richard Caughey
41345£100Lauren Leigh
41512£100Lee Gordon
41679£50Craig Todd
41846Kids Inflatable Bouncy Castle & Water SlideKyle Harris
42013Dyson Airstrait StraightenersMatthew Wright
42180£100Kevin Daniels
42347Karcher WV 6 Handheld Window VacuumCharles Black
42514£700Scott White
42681£100Rowan Chateau
42848£500Ben Pinion
43015Nintendo Switch OLEDShailee Gunn
43182£50Matt Stockhill
43349£1,000Michelle Hughes
43516£100Ben Rigby
43683£100Michelle Clayton
44017£500Samantha Deakin
44184Marshall Minor IV EarbudsJohn Sherwood
44351£500Craig Todd
44518Kids Inflatable Bouncy Castle & Water SlideSally Harling
44685Bambu Lab P1P 3D PrinterAdam Bridge
44852£100Chloe Atkins
45019£100Charles Black
45186Charlotte Tilbury Heroes HamperMandy Short
45353£700Antony Devlin
45520£50Matt Stockhill
45687Smeg Kettle & ToasterScott White
45854£50Daniel Carter
46021£50Ellen White
46188Valve Steam Deck OLED 1TBScott White
46355£100Claire louise Mabbott
46522Valve Steam Deck OLED 1TBWilliam Anderson
46689£50Andrew Carr
46856£100Ian Maclure
470232024 Apple MacBook Air M3Charles Black
47190£100Norman MacSween
47357£50Karen Bath
47524Marshall Major V HeadphonesSarah Charlesworth
47691Lego Ferrari Daytona SP3 42143Adam Bridge
47858£200Chloe clark
48025£50Mandy Short
48192£500Andrew Mills
48359£100Amer Rashid
48526Charlotte Tilbury Heroes HamperTracy Lindsay
48693£50Andrew Mills
49027£100Angela Lennox
49194Nintendo Switch OLEDRowan Chateau
49361£100Nicholas Mileham
49528£500Tiffany Woodford
49695£100Harriet Riddell
49862£50Adam Bridge
49948£100Julia Strathearn

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£200 Site Credit

Guaranteed Draw TONIGHT @ 8pm
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0 Tickets Left: 195 369
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Free Postal Entry

A free Entry option is available for all Entrants by sending a postal Entry. 

To enter for Free by postal Entry, you must first create an Account on the Website, then clearly write on a Postcard, your full name, full address, email address used to register your Account, date of birth, contact telephone number and the name of the specific Competition you wish to enter to the Promoter. Free Entries must be posted to Paragon Competitions Limited, 3000 Aviator Way, Manchester Business Park, Manchester, M22 5TG. Postage must be paid by the Entrant and business postage solutions must not be used. 

Free Postal Entries are limited to One Entry Per Person/Account, Per Competition, Per Postcard.

All Entries must be sent individually and Postcards sent in envelopes will not be accepted, we will not accept hand delivered entries, they must be sent via the Royal Mail postal service. 

In the interest of fairness, Paragon Competitions reserves the right to ban anybody that is suspected of misuse, cheating or automating entries. Any automated entries or suspected automated entries will not be accepted and anybody suspected or deemed to be attempting to make automated entries will be permanently banned from Paragon Competitions. Automated entries can include but is not limited to; printing post cards in volume, use of a franking machine or use of business postage solutions.

Free postal Entries received while the Competition is still open will be entered into the draw and will be treated exactly the same as a paid entry. Any free postal Entries received after the Competition has closed will not be entered into the Draw. You will not be deemed to have Entered a Competition until the Promoter confirms your Entry either by email or by adding your Entry to the Recent Orders area of your Account.

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